SSF sponsor Camp Lost 2014

Camp Lost 2014 started with some rain, but it did not spoil the fun. After every group found each other, the first games started. Games varying from who am I until Angry Birds till gigantic twister. After this Domino’s stopped by to deliver pizza’s. After this dinner the playground was open with karaoke. Before the party started Dionysus organized bubble soccer. We ended day 1 with a big party with the Camp Lost DJ, and The Antidote.

Day 2 started with a lot of noise from the entertainment team. After all freshmen came out of bed, they started with morning gymnastics given by BRESS. Followed by breakfast, daily news and the gossip box. Next on the program was Discover the playground, all freshmen traveled to the NHTV, where they got a lecture from Jannie Timmermans and Oscar Bastiaens. We had lunch at the NHTV, after lunch everyone started with Discover the playground, all groups spread over the city to do all the assignments. When all the assignments were done, all groups traveled back to Jeugdland. When all groups returned the playback show store was open, all groups could “buy” props, with all the points they won. All groups prepared their song for the playback show. After this dinner was set up, tonight was BBQ! After this food, the playback show really started. All groups performed one song, judged by the ADE jury. The open party night started after this play back show, this night all ADE students, alumni and teachers were welcome to party with us. The line-up for this evening consisted out of the Camp Lost DJ, Squarelectric and Jahzury. The theme of this night was glow in white, the entertainment team made sure everyone was looking cool with glow paint. This was again a great party!

After two days of partying, the last day of Camp Lost has arrived. This last day was a relax day, since most people were really tired, after two days without almost no sleep. This day of course also started with breakfast, morning gymnastics, the daily news and the gossip box. After all of this there was a special jam session. All groups started to pack their luggage again, and made a group picture in front of the Camp Lost sign. When everyone packed their bags again, we had lunch. After the lunch Café de Bommel came to the Camp Lost site to do their pub quiz. After the winner was announced of the quiz, the overall Camp Lost winner was announced. Daphne Heeroma also gave her speech to thank everyone for this amazing week. After taking this group picture with the whole organization and the freshmen all freshmen left to go home, to see each other soon at the NHTV.